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New video tutorial: watercolour dark rose + magazine article

By now you have probably noticed that I am obsessed with the rose 'Souvenir du Docteur Jamain'. I wrote a masterclass for Artists & Illustrators magazine, which is published in the forthcoming issue. I also filmed the whole process, from the drawing stage to the tone study and painting the colours wet-in-wet. I broke it… Continue reading New video tutorial: watercolour dark rose + magazine article

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Painting stamen using masking fluid

With all the roses in the garden, it was only a mater of minutes before I succumbed to the urge of painting one of them. I chose 'Odyssey', a pale lilac open rose with large blooms and lovely perfume. In order to keep the yellow and crimson stamen fresh and vivid, I decided to use… Continue reading Painting stamen using masking fluid

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Ginkgo Leaf part 3 – Watercolour wash

The ink has dried, the leaf is ready for some colour. Using a very soft brush (synthetic squirrel is a good option) and working wet-in-wet, I am using Yellow Ochre as a base, with some Hansa Yellow Light and Burnt Sienna. I had originally planned to use Quinacridone Gold but decided later it wasn't needed.… Continue reading Ginkgo Leaf part 3 – Watercolour wash

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Painting tutorials in my Etsy shop

I started a series of downloadable PDF tutorials for sale in my Etsy shop. They will all be coded in different categories, such as watercolour techniques, art materials, drawing, painting, ink etc. So you can pick the ones you want and build your own course folder. The first one is a painting tutorial of a… Continue reading Painting tutorials in my Etsy shop

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Ginkgo leaf part 1: drawing

I have been painting a lot of Ginkgo biloba leaves, some from my own tree in the garden, others from the beautiful pair of trees outside the orangery in West Dean Gardens. There is something fascinating about a prehistoric tree. You can just imagine it surrounded by Diplodocus and Stegosaurus in the fading Jurassic light,… Continue reading Ginkgo leaf part 1: drawing

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Pumpkin tutorial in A&I Magazine

Hi everyone, My new article is out in the October issue of Artists & Illustrators magazine. It is a tutorial for painting a pumpkin, in time for the gorgeous Autumn colours. I filmed the whole painting so at some point there will also be a YouTUbe video. It just takes a while to do the… Continue reading Pumpkin tutorial in A&I Magazine