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Pigment spotlight: testing Daniel Smith Quinacridone Lilac

The first question that popped into my mind when I first saw Quinacridone Lilac was "Do we really need another Quinacridone sitting between the Quinacridone pinks and magentas?" The only way to find out was to try it, test it, mix it and compare it. I already have quite a few Quinacridones in my palette:… Continue reading Pigment spotlight: testing Daniel Smith Quinacridone Lilac

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New video: testing the synthetic squirrel brush ‘Neptune’

Good stormy, rainy morning! I made a new video about the 'Neptune'. It shows the road test in different conditions. As well as seeing the brush performance it gives you a chance to see me demonstrate wet-in-wet and pretty extreme dry brush techniques, while painting a quince and some blackbirds. I really put that brush… Continue reading New video: testing the synthetic squirrel brush ‘Neptune’

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Anatomy of a paintbrush

As I have almost literally received a ton of paintbrushes to review (I am almost not exaggerating), I thought I would first write a post about the anatomy of a paintbrush. What the different bits are and what they do. That way, when I write about the brushes and their performances, we'll all be clear… Continue reading Anatomy of a paintbrush

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Princeton Neptune synthetic squirrel – Brush review

I hadn’t tried any Princeton brushes before Jackson’s sent me some to test for my Veganuary blog. These Neptune series 4750 brushes are faux squirrel rather than the faux sables I usually use. On the round brushes, the varnished handle shows the wood grain, in deep mahogany tones and satin finish. The flat brushes have… Continue reading Princeton Neptune synthetic squirrel – Brush review

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The best synthetics brushes

When I started painting, there was no comparison between sable and synthetic brushes. The sables were much higher quality. There was also this idea going around that you were not a proper artist if you didn’t have the most expensive sables in your toolkit. This view is now obsolete, but myths are hard to kill…… Continue reading The best synthetics brushes