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Anatomy of a tulip – Video

Here is the first video in my 2020 tulip phase. I go through one of these every year. Unfortunately this year my tulip craving will be hard to feed. The much anticipated crops of 'Black Parrot', 'Burgundy' and 'Apricot Beauty' I planted in my garden were all eaten by something unknown and mysterious, while West… Continue reading Anatomy of a tulip – Video

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New in my Etsy shop: notebooks/sketchbooks/journals

Hello and happy, creative 2020! There are some new things in my Etsy shop: a series of A5 notebooks with blank pages, recycled paper and card cover, and some of my paintings on the covers. They contain 76 pages and the spines are square so they stack well and sit easily on shelves or in… Continue reading New in my Etsy shop: notebooks/sketchbooks/journals