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What does “hue” mean in a paint name?

This is a question I get a lot when I teach. The true definition of hue is colour. In a paint name, it means that it is the colour of that particular pigment, but it is achieved by using another pigment of similar hue. This can be because the original pigment is obsolete and needs… Continue reading What does “hue” mean in a paint name?

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Top Tips: 3 tips to add depth to your paintings

Do you sometimes feel like your paintings look a little bit flat? Here are 3 simple things you can do to add more depth... 1- Grey haze As things get further away from us, they get greyer. This is because the atmosphere gets in the way. Mostly because of little droplets of water, it gives… Continue reading Top Tips: 3 tips to add depth to your paintings

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Transparent vs. opaque and why transparent pigments can turn into opaque paints

Hello everyone, I already wrote about the difference between transparent and opaque colours in a blog post here. This time I am taking it one step further: why do transparent pigments sometimes make opaque paints? 1- Transparent/opaque To recap the previous post, transparent pigments let the light through their layer to hit the paper and… Continue reading Transparent vs. opaque and why transparent pigments can turn into opaque paints

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Anatomy of a paintbrush

As I have almost literally received a ton of paintbrushes to review (I am almost not exaggerating), I thought I would first write a post about the anatomy of a paintbrush. What the different bits are and what they do. That way, when I write about the brushes and their performances, we'll all be clear… Continue reading Anatomy of a paintbrush

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The best synthetics brushes

When I started painting, there was no comparison between sable and synthetic brushes. The sables were much higher quality. There was also this idea going around that you were not a proper artist if you didn’t have the most expensive sables in your toolkit. This view is now obsolete, but myths are hard to kill…… Continue reading The best synthetics brushes

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How to avoid muddy colours

Some watercolourists seem to find it hard to make the difference between neutral colours (especially browns) and muddy mixes. There is a huge variety of browns that are clean, transparent and without a hint of mud in them, not even the detoxifying cleansing spa kind. Unlike primary and secondary colours that are found on the… Continue reading How to avoid muddy colours

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How to transfer a drawing

If like me you do a lot of erasing before you can be happy with a drawing, then drawing straight on watercolour paper is not really an option. Because botanical painting is cut to white, any trace of erasing, smudging, or marking on the paper will stand out and completely ruin the feeling of freshness… Continue reading How to transfer a drawing