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Plant of the month: Winter Honeysuckle – February 2020

Order: Dipsacales Family: Caprifoliaceae Genus: Lonicera Species: L. fragrantissima Type: Deciduous shrub Propagation: Seed, greenwood cuttings in summer or hardwood cuttings in autumn Native to: China This plant of the month is not particularly spectacular, nor is it colourful or unusual. But as I lay convalescing from surgery on my feet (both at the same time, that's pretty… Continue reading Plant of the month: Winter Honeysuckle – February 2020

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A postcard from 1923

I have a new hobby: I am painting plants and insects on the back of vintage postcards, from the Victorian era up to pre world war II. Some are still blank but others were written and sent. I love reading the faded words, inspecting the old stamps, imagining the people writing soft and loving words… Continue reading A postcard from 1923