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Re-usable washable botanical face masks in my Etsy shop

I was becoming concerned about the amount of single-use face masks being discarded all over the world, so I decided to have my own washable version printed. I am giving 10% of profits to Friends of the Earth to help them clear the mess left by tons of disposable masks. I suspect that not many… Continue reading Re-usable washable botanical face masks in my Etsy shop

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Tea towels in my Etsy shop

I love tea towels! Every time I visit a beautiful garden or a donkey sanctuary, I come back home with a new one... So I had some printed with my designs: fruit, vegetables, flowers, leaves... and a snow hare. They are made of a cotton & linen blend and printed all over, from a pesticide-free… Continue reading Tea towels in my Etsy shop

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Designing a Christmas card

While the rules of composition apply to card design, composition and design are two different things. When composing a painting, the artist has to take into account depth and perspective, the mood they want to convey, the size and orientation of the picture as well as the mount’s placement. If illustrating for a book, practical… Continue reading Designing a Christmas card