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Workshops Isle of Wight, London and West Dean

While I am busy keeping an eye on the adventurous and frankly completely out of control baby blackbirds in my garden, let's do an update on courses for the rest of 2019... I am doing a series of workshops on the Isle of Wight this summer and autumn. Once a month on a Tuesday I… Continue reading Workshops Isle of Wight, London and West Dean

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Exciting masterclass at the Mall Galleries in London

Hello everyone! On the 31st of August, I will run a Botanical fruit painting watercolour masterclass at the Mall Galleries in London, from 11am to 4pm. I am very excited about this, I hope you will be too... I will post a link as soon as the tickets are for sale. Come and join me...Only… Continue reading Exciting masterclass at the Mall Galleries in London

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Ginkgo leaf part 1: drawing

I have been painting a lot of Ginkgo biloba leaves, some from my own tree in the garden, others from the beautiful pair of trees outside the orangery in West Dean Gardens. There is something fascinating about a prehistoric tree. You can just imagine it surrounded by Diplodocus and Stegosaurus in the fading Jurassic light,… Continue reading Ginkgo leaf part 1: drawing

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Pigment spotlight – The Perylene family

The Perylene family is relatively new to the exclusive pigment neighbourhood. The first Perylene was discovered in 1912 but didn’t move in until the 1950’s. Even then, it was not widely seen and only became part of the artist community in the 1980’s. Even today, their position is not as prominent as other families, such… Continue reading Pigment spotlight – The Perylene family